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A Case Study, C’est Moi

Yesterday, I spent the last half of the afternoon bouncing around on cloud nine, doing a mental happy dance. I hadn’t felt that good in a long, long [..]

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“But you’re with a guy now!”

At age eight, I consciously realized for the first time I liked girls the same way I liked boys. Nearly everyone who knows me knows this, so it [..]

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“Do I really feel like chopping up two pounds of onions and sauteeing them for nearly an hour? Do I really?” I posted this mostly-rhetorical question on Facebook [..]

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Thermodynamics, Evaporation & Kid Computer Science

Kids intuitively grasp a lot of advanced concepts. They don’t understand the science behind them, naturally, but they get the idea. Case in point: When I was four [..]

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I’ve said it before…

… and I’m saying it again. If I could be guaranteed a child as adorable and intelligent as Nora, I would have had kids long ago. 🙂


Continuing on the baby thread…

Folks had some interesting feedback on the last post – more than I expected. Most of it was of the “go forth and prosper” variety, but there were [..]

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“So, why exactly are you here?”

That’s exactly what a doctor said to me today, after talking with me for about ten minutes. “You’re healthy, your genes are sound, you’ve got that Restless Leg [..]

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“Snowmageddon?” Don’t be ridiculous.

I love inclement weather. It tickles all my happy emotional places, reminds me of childhood snow storms, imbues regular life with a sense of adventure. I miss snow [..]

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