Ambassador Kosh Rides Again


In the immortal words of my favorite Vorlon, “and so it begins.”

The teeny, tiny envelope of 2011 seeds has arrived. Nestled within, only four seed packets. This, compared with last year:

It’s not that this year’s garden will be any smaller, oh no; it is simply most of last year’s seeds will be making a return appearance. I hope and I hope and I hope they will germinate, be fruitful, and multiply – because if they do not, I am screwed.

My modest order this year? In its entirety, this:

The potatoes will ship in April, closer to planting time. In the meanwhile, I have to get busy setting up the growing apparati – the saw horses and tabletops, the lights and the chains from which they hang. I must gather starting soils and more lamps. I must unearth the gardening tools from last year. I must stare wistfully out the window, filled with a growing sense of excitement (mixed with a tiny bit of dread at the back-breaking work I know will be a part of the process.)

Lo, there will be butterbeans.

Go on – say it with me now: Butterbeans. It’s just fun, right? Not only butterbeans, but Violet’s Multicolored Butterbeans! Yo ho!

Behold these gorgeous little beauties (and the withered, dehydrated hand that holds them: )

Last year, I got exactly zero lima beans from my bushes – mostly because I failed them. I planted too late, and did not keep them weeded. The plants grew, their fruit did not. This year, by Grabthar’s hammer, they will thrive! In multiple colors!

Also this year, I am foregoing corn; I don’t want to be arsed with it, frankly, and it takes up a lot of damn space.

So, 2011 – what say we establish right here at the outset that we are friends, in terms of this gardening thing? As the first bulbs are poking up their little green and red heads, as the last of the snows are melting away, as the first of the spring rains fall from the sky, can we make a pact? No tomfoolery?

"Yes. Questions."


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