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She blinded me with horseradish

Last spring, I threw four horseradish plants in next to the potato hills. They flourished, growing nearly three feet tall. “Dig in fall to prevent propagation,” the description [..]

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Oh – It’s spinach!

Everyone who is not a garden geek, please ignore the entirety of this post. Seriously, not worth the time. Ok, is it just us nerds in here? The [..]

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The Natural Aquarist

Like many other well-intentioned but ultimately lazy aquarists, I neglect my filter. Fortunately, I planned for my apathy in advance, and in fact paid a bit extra for [..]

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Battles Lost

Today, we attended my mom’s best friend’s funeral. Kat fought breast cancer for years, but ultimately lost. So many friends and family members attended the service… she was [..]

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The Speed of Beans, Part Deux

For anyone who was unimpressed with the 24-hour growth of my beanie-weanies, check this out. These are the same plants – five hours later: Still underwhelmed? Man, tough [..]

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The Speed of Beans

Fast. Fast is the speed of beans. This is a photo of some two-day-old bean sprouts yesterday. These are the same plants today (off to the left of [..]

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The Geeky Part of Homestead Geek

The Engineir and I do love our toys. A few days ago, he came home with a brand new Nook Color, which he had already rooted and installed [..]

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Quality Time with the Chickens

There are few minor woes that can’t be cured by spending some time outside with the dogs and the chickens. A couple of days ago, I spent an [..]

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Mother Nature Wastes No Time

This was the dreary sight that awaited me yesterday when I at last began to try to get things readied for spring. I went around and gathered up [..]

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