The Speed of Beans


Fast is the speed of beans.

This is a photo of some two-day-old bean sprouts yesterday.

These are the same plants today (off to the left of the photo:)

Bean plants are totally cool to me, because the bean itself comes up out of the ground, splits in two and turns into leaves.

Spring had better warm up soon out there, because these little dickens are going to outgrow their tiny peat pots in short order.

In other news, I really love the self-watering capillary mat growers. They make it far easier, to keep things hydrated. Also winning admiration is the Burpee eco-thingie with the bamboo watering tray and peat pots. A+, would buy again.

Still no pepper sprouts. Or watermelons. Meh.

The collards, lettuces, kale, chard and cabbage are all proceeding apace.


I’m having a get-together next Saturday to get the garden itself into shape, and am hoping the weather in a week will be far better than it is today – rain, with a strong possibility of snow. Michigan, I am unamused – but unsurprised.


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