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Finding A Sense of Permanence

“Stability” isn’t really a word I’ve had a vast familiarity with since leaving home. ┬áMoving yearly all though college, dragging myself across the country on a snap decision, [..]

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Whatever Shall We Do, Wherever Shall We Go?

For over a year, we’ve been buying our milk through a “herd share,” which, thanks to anti-food-sovereignty legislation (you could say it’s health and safety legislation, but that’s [..]

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Quite Possibly the Most Productive 1/10 Acre – EVER.

Dear Food-Conscious People – My friend Aaron posted this link to Facebook last night, and it blew me the heck away. Seriously. Before I present the video, a [..]

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(Mis)Adventures in Dandelion Jelly

Until a few days ago, I’d heard of dandelion salads and wines, but never dandelion jelly. The idea intrigued me so much, I set about making it today. [..]

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A Pendulum, C’est Moi

Finding The Happy Medium for me has never been an easy thing. Last year, there was much unused space in the garden, because I planted everything Terribly Close [..]

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Vanilla; How do I love thee?

There’s no stinkin’ possibility I could possibly count the ways. Instead, I’ll just show you the two current methods. Homemade vanilla extract – I first read about this [..]

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From Winter to Summer in One Week Flat

Those of you who live in places that typically have four seasons might remember, perhaps with fondness, how “spring” used to be a proper season. It often came [..]

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*Now* it feels like spring, man.

Given the brutality of this recent winter in Michigan, I have been afraid to give in to the “ah, it’s finally spring” feeling that’s been poking its head [..]

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Optimistic Friday

It’s a beautiful day out. I don’t want to talk about how Chickenhead was also killed night before last, or how The Engineir very thoughtfully tried to protect [..]

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And then, there were four

This morning, I hauled out a fifty-pound bag of scratch grain to the chickens. As I was getting it awkwardly dumped into its bin, four of the girls [..]

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