Hiatus from the World


My retreat from society is very nearly over. When I came up to The Engineir’s family cottage on Lake Huron in mid-December, the sheer, vast expanse of four to five weeks alone sprawled out in front of me; it seemed like All The Time in the World.

In truth, though, it’s gone by remarkably quickly. It’s been wonderful, but I’m about ready to head home.

I will surely miss being right on the lake, though, with views like this:

and bald eagles hanging out nearby:

I’ll miss watching the rolling waves, ships going by, and being within an easy drive of neat places like the Soo Locks, M119, the Straits of Mackinaw and the Upper Peninsula.  I’ll miss the beaches and lighthouses.

However, I also miss my husband, my chickens, my Stuff. I miss being within easy driving distance of groceries and conveniences to a certain degree. I miss having in-home laundry machines!

The Engineir visited several times, including for the weekend of Christmas, so I wasn’t entirely alone the whole time. I visited a friend passing through to Houghton, too, but otherwise, have spent my time pretty quietly.

Being away from it all has let me unwind a bit, though, gather myself and sort some things out. I quit my job, started a new business, did some knitting, watched “Arrested Development,” caught up on sleep, and took thousands of photos and read thousands of pages. I cut my hair to less than half its length. I traveled all over the place in Northern lower Michigan, and to a few places in upper Michigan. I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted, of course, but it’s been grand.

I was hoping for heaps of snow whilst I’ve been here, but the weather has mostly been grey and too warm for snow. Alas.

A week ago, I was not liking the idea of Going Home. This week, though, I’m ready.

I have to remember to bring the changes I’m making home with me, though, and break the patterns I came here to rid myself of. It’ll be an ongoing process, but I am enthusiastic and hopeful.

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5 responses to Hiatus from the World

  1. The Engineir

    Don’t worry, I’ll try to help you stay in line. 🙂

  2. Erin D.

    Not an easy task, sir. 😉

  3. The Engineir

    I think I’m up to the task… 😀

  4. I can always lend my course-correction baton if need be 😀

  5. Erin D.

    “So, you’re playing EVE all night, huh?” [WHACK!]
    “Ow, hey, cut it out!”
    “I’m not the one playing EVE.” [WHACK!]

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