Endurance Motorcycling, Endurance Eating

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Yesterday morning at 6am, I left home to meet up with two motorcycling friends. We were attempting to do an Iron Butt Association certified Saddle Sore 1000 – meaning we would ride 1000 documented miles on our motorcycles within 24 consecutive hours.

Here is one of the guys I rode with (and his bike,) and we only had 250 miles to go! I was not nearly this bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 1 hour after this photo was taken, but he and I finished – woohoo!

I wore a full complement of riding gear all day long, and looked like a cross between the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, and “a space cop from the year 2063.” Here’s our other friend (who unfortunately developed some serious back pain and had to call it quits 250 miles from the finish) and me, the space cop:

Quite humbling, wearing that regalia all day, feeling EVEN MORE ENORMOUS the whole time. Unflattering. I look forward to a time when I can look slightly more petite in full riding gear.

At any rate.

Time management on a ride like that is of course very key, and one of the biggest components of time management during the ride is making the time spent off the bike (gassing up, using the restroom, et cetera) as efficient as possible. I made some beef jerky and packed a few Larabars and that was all I ate yesterday. I figured I’d be wildly under my regular calorie allotment for the day; however, it turns out Larabars have a lot of calories!

Fortunately, motorcycling burns calories – about 149/hour if this page is to be believed, so I ended up well under my total daily goal.

Here’s my food diary for yesterday, guestimating the ground beef fat content and serving sizes. I left with almost 1 pound’s worth of ground beef jerky, and some is still left.

That bottom line kills me – if I rode 20 hours a day every day for 5 weeks, and ate the same food, I’d be most of the way to my goal! Lol. Not gonna happen.

Anyhow, I went over my daily 1500 calorie limit, but not by much, and it was totally countered by the light isometrics I was doing all day as I rode.

Today, though, I had some serious food cravings – I came in 319 calories over my target. Alas. But I hadn’t eaten anything but Larabars and beef jerky for 36 hours! And given how strong the cravings were, I still think I did pretty darned well.

I ate one of the remaining Larabars, which was a significant chunk of the overage. Confound their tastiness! I have one left, and have ferreted it away for A Snack Emergency.

As Bownse says, today’s failure was just one day’s worth – keep my eyes on the prize! I didn’t go Holy Batshit Crazy on heaps of junk, either – apart from the peanut butter – it was just a slight over-indulgence on mostly healthy stuff. I also resisted the urge to go bonkers just because I knew I was over my daily calorie allotment; screwing up a little bit doesn’t give me license to screw up a lot.

Tomorrow, back with exercising and keeping to it!

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11 responses to Endurance Motorcycling, Endurance Eating

  1. I think you’re amazing for doing this. The food diary and the ride. And you actually look cute, OK? 🙂

    Very funny – Sta Puffed. I needed a laugh this morning. Thanks.

  2. nopinkhere

    Sounds cool. So totally different from anything I’d ever do. It’s fun to hear about. You can buy boxes of mini Larabars. (But then I want to eat 4 of them.) Or you can make your own in custom sizes (and flavors).

    • Erin D.

      Howdy, NPH! I’ve had those minis before, and they’re just about perfect for a one-mouthful snack – but yeah, I’d probably just have eaten 4 of them, anyhow. 😉

      I’ll have a ride report up at some point if you’re interested in hearing more detail – though it will likely bore the pants off you!

  3. -B

    Congrats on the SS1K. I seem to always eat healthier when on a timed ride. I think it’s because I know that eating higher fat items leads to drowsiness and that water is so important. I try to use that now even when not riding.

  4. -B

    What a difference a few days makes.

    Weigh occasionally, record only progress. 😉

    I weighed a week ago and had actually gained 2lbs over the last recorded weight. This all while struggling with the new daily intake targets. 🙁

    Weighed this morning (and the best time, with the best “feeling”), and saw an improvement of a couple of pounds.

    That means -9lbs since about a month ago.

    Point? Ignore the negative. (Yeah, that’s ME saying that. Right?)

    • -B

      For values of “about a month ago” = “5/10 to 6/28”.

      Bad mathematics! Bad filthy mathematics!

    • Erin D.

      I agree. Yesterday, I was 208; today, 209.4. I didn’t enter that into MFP because it would be discouraging. Losing 5 pounds in 10 days was a little more than I expected, but I had hoped I wouldn’t gain any of it back that fast!

      And yeah – us? Ignore the negative? PFFFFF. 😛

      • -B

        I was told to target 1 to 2 lbs a week as a loss target. It didn’t pile on overnight. I shouldn’t fall away overnight. We’re in it for the long haul.

        One thing I saw on some HBO show while in Atlanta last month was them documenting the old wives’ tail about a heavy person gaining weight easier than a light person. They used identical twins. Those who had every been overweight had to keep their maintenance calories lower than the twin that had never been overweight. If twin A could consume 2000 calories a day and not gain/lose weight, then twin B would often require 1600-1800 calories to do the same thing. Something about how, once the body learns how to be overweight, it never forgets.

        Life really isn’t fair.

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