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Mother Nature Does Not Fool Around

My little hens are now almost three and a half weeks old, and HOLY COW how they’ve grown. They look like miniature chickens! When I first met them, [..]

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11 Baby Chicks = Cute Overload + 1

When I called our hatchery today to confirm it was ok to drive the 102 miles to fetch our new little friends, they said “come on up!” Also, [..]

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Car Keys – The Eternal Search and.. wait, that’s going to be HOW MUCH?!

I mentioned the other day how The Engineir was out cleaning the garage so I could once again park inside. My half of the garage was occupied by [..]

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The Modern Homestead – Automation

Part of coming to terms with modern society v. Simplicity is making the best use of available tools. Fortunately, I have this amazing boyfriend who is a hard-core [..]

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The Autumnal Chickens

I haven’t posted any chicken photos in awhile, so here are a few shots from yesterday evening. They do not hold still well when they’re eating. They’re laying [..]

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The Big News Around the Homestead

Word on the street is, Chickenhead is laying eggs. The street is right! She’s been laying them daily for three days – on the seat of her mom’s [..]

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Drama in the Chicken Coop

I’m writing this up while I wait for my lunch to heat up in our half-dead microwave, so please forgive me if it’s more disjointed than usual, and [..]

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Grown-Up Girls

As of two nights ago, the chickies have been permanently relocated to their own enclosure. Thus far, things are going quite well – even though the weather has [..]

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That One Percent

If you have no experience with fencing and animals, here is a bit of free advice should you ever decide you want to enclose some sort of animal: [..]

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Life is Good

As I type this, I’m sitting on the grass in the chicken yard, watching the girls hunting and scratching and pecking. There’s a pretty good wind up that’s [..]

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