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Design Wall

Many quilters use a “design wall” to lay out their patterns. This allows a person to better see what the overall effect will be, as looking at something [..]

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It's an iron… it's a spaceship… it's BOTH.

The new iron is working out very, very well. It’s quite heavy, it throws a lot of steam and it slides well over every fabric I’ve thrown at [..]


First Blood

Periodically, I see sewing blog posts regarding sewing injuries – typically, someone runs her finger under the machine needle (OW!) or stabs herself with a pin. Today, sewing [..]

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The Right Equipment Does Make a Difference

While it’s true the seasoned veteran can do [whatever hobby/craft] with the oldest, most limited [insert appropriate piece of equipment here], sometimes the luxury of having Good Stuff [..]


The Disease Spreads, in More Ways Than One

There are two of us Erins at work, and neither of us is your typical girly-girl. She just bought a sewing machine, too. This is completely awesome news [..]

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Measure Eight Times, Cut Twice.

I have a really hard time with straight lines and accurate measurements. In wood shop in the seventh grade, my old-fashioned bottle opener came out kinda janky. It [..]

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"Now let me get this straight…"

Said the quilt shop owner earlier today, with a noticeable measure of alarm in her voice, “you don’t have any sewing skills whatsoever?” Moments before, I had come [..]

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