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Ironing is the inspiration-killer. Unpacking the Anna Maria Horner package had my brain singing with possibilities. I pre-washed and dried and… was left with this giant mess. Looking [..]


Christmas, Part Trois

The third (and presumably final) package arrived today, the much-anticipated Anna Maria Horner parcel. Her packaging may just outdo SMS: Inside, we find this – WOW COLOR: Holy [..]

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Pre-Washing Fixes Stuff

As it turns out, pre-washing the cheap fabrics seems to have taken a lot of the “tacky” feel out of them. I noticed, as I was putting them [..]

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Christmas in September, Part Deux

The package from Connecting Threads was waiting for me on the porch tonight, and I tore into it with glee. I’m sorry I always eat all of your [..]

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Variety in Fabrics

Somewhere, I read a line something quite like the following: “Be sure you have plenty of solid fabrics in your stash – if all you have is a [..]

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Christmas in September!

Many sewing (and especially quilting) sites talk about setting a budget and sticking to it. This is something at which I’ve never been much good, but I can [..]

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Two Totally Fantastic Finds

My absolute most favorite thing from the Goodwill Raid: I’m going to design a bag around this as its liner. Totally. Followed closely by this, because it may [..]


This is Almost Squee-Worthy!

I’m not much of a one for squee-ing – but after scoring a honkload of pretty cool sheets at Goodwill tonight, we came home to find my box [..]

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Should I be paying attention to who made my fabrics? Many of the sewing blogs I read talk about “fun, fabulous fabrics by Amy Butler in the [insert [..]


Migraine Therapy

Yesterday, I swore off sewing for A Very Long Time, Or At Least for the Rest of the Weekend. Today, I got slammed with another killer sinus migraine, [..]

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