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Guest Post at Pantry Paratus

Howdy folks – Some of you might be interested in the guest post I have up today over at Pantry Paratus; it’s about using all-natural cleaners around the [..]

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A Well-Intentioned Lie

So, hi. I know it’s been since spring that I wrote anything here, and for that I apologize. A few of you have left emails and comments asking [..]

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Throw Away the Air Fresheners – Use Plants!

This is a really fascinating slide show detailing how certain plants help filter Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from the air in our home, as well as improving overall [..]

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Cleaning Up My Life

This post first appeared on my other blog, Confounded by Quilting, and basically cemented my desire to have a more appropriate blog title for the homesteady bits of [..]

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Cleaning Up My Life

Like many folks, I took health and well-being for granted in my younger years, and being raised in the middle-class American Midwest, I took many “modern necessities” for [..]

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