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Easy Azon

I’m playing around with a new Amazon affiliate plugin, Easy Azon. I’ll write an in-depth review a bit later, but for now this is an example page for [..]

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Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp

Homestead Host is having an intensive 5-day boot camp on how to monetize a personal blog or website. It’s got a lot of dense but useful information. And [..]


Theme Switch-Up

If you notice Homestead Geek having a bit of an identity crisis today, don’t worry – I’m just playing around with some new themes. Much like rearranging the [..]

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The Great Merger

I’ve imported all the Confounded by Quilting posts into this blog for convenience’s sake. CbQ will probably never be updated again, despite getting back into the craftier side [..]

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Oh, Hi

So these are my new homesteady digs. Big plans afoot for the unlikely homestead, my friends; plans that will bore the socks right off you! But at least [..]


The Biz

I work at a web hosting company. As such, certain benefits are allowed, such as having my own virtual private server, which can serve quite a few websites. [..]


How about this?

I’m somewhat confounded by the dearth of attractive, useful WP themes offering the (frankly, quite basic) functionality I need. What do we think of this one? I’m concerned [..]



I’m sick of the old theme, looking for a new one. This is temporary, as I think it’s harder to read. [EDIT: I revereted to the old theme [..]


Dynamic HTML Shenanigans

So… I just spent over an hour writing a longish post. I liked it. I liked it a lot. WordPress has decided to eat it. Sigh. This is [..]