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No Solar Leasing in Michigan?

This seriously burns my biscuits. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about this incredibly good idea called Solar Leasing. In a nutshell, it’s renting solar panels. This alleviates [..]

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Hiatus from the World

My retreat from society is very nearly over. When I came up to The Engineir’s family cottage on Lake Huron in mid-December, the sheer, vast expanse of four [..]

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(Mis)Adventures in Dandelion Jelly

Until a few days ago, I’d heard of dandelion salads and wines, but never dandelion jelly. The idea intrigued me so much, I set about making it today. [..]

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“Snowmageddon?” Don’t be ridiculous.

I love inclement weather. It tickles all my happy emotional places, reminds me of childhood snow storms, imbues regular life with a sense of adventure. I miss snow [..]

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Autumnal Musings & Yearnings

I am conflicted. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has known me for, oh, three or four minutes. We’re going to ramble along together here, from [..]

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I knew it would happen – only a matter of time, really. CRITTERS IN MY GARDEN! Thursday, I found animal tracks (looked like the fox, and perhaps a [..]

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Trails have a sort of magic about them. There is something important about stepping where other people or creatures have stepped before. There is a little bit of [..]


Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash Report, amongst other things. This week, my stash grew a bit (which is what it needs to keep doing for awhile – it’s such a sad [..]

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