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Meal Planning

For years, I have foolishly resisted planning meals ahead of time. My inner three-year-old whined, “but what if I don’t want to have beef stew on Thursday?” Well, too [..]

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A Luxury Item & A Necessity

For decades, I regarded a food processor as “a luxury item” in the kitchen. I didn’t cook enough to really justify spending a hundred dollars or more for [..]

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Looking for Something to Read?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to mind myself doing a huge amount of reading these last few months, after a “reading hiatus” of nearly a decade. – The nook [..]

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The Awkward Holiday List Post

For convenience’s sake, I typically put my holiday wish list on my blog. This year, I am also making some recommendations for special gifts you might like to [..]

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Kicking & Screaming Into the E-Book Age

Since Amazon introduced its Kindle some years ago, I have watched it with both a yearning and skeptical eye. I love the idea of the convenience and portability [..]

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Cleaning Up My Life

This post first appeared on my other blog, Confounded by Quilting, and basically cemented my desire to have a more appropriate blog title for the homesteady bits of [..]

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