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Coconut Oil Review & A Giveaway!

Hi folks – For the last, oh, long time, I’ve been horribly remiss in posting much of anything useful here, as I’ve been hyper-focused elsewhere. Today, that changes. [..]

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Meal Planning

For years, I have foolishly resisted planning meals ahead of time. My inner three-year-old whined, “but what if I don’t want to have beef stew on Thursday?” Well, too [..]

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Time Management Tip #1 – Stop Waiting

Me writing about how to manage your time is a bit like Wile E. Coyote writing about how to catch a roadrunner.   Still, I’ve learned a couple [..]

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Natural Heartburn Remedy

I admit to being a science fiction and fantasy nerd. Perhaps not what one might expect as an opener for this post, given the title, but it’s related [..]

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Oh – It’s spinach!

Everyone who is not a garden geek, please ignore the entirety of this post. Seriously, not worth the time. Ok, is it just us nerds in here? The [..]

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The Natural Aquarist

Like many other well-intentioned but ultimately lazy aquarists, I neglect my filter. Fortunately, I planned for my apathy in advance, and in fact paid a bit extra for [..]

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Wisdom Tidbits

When Barbara and I began talking, she made mention of a curious fact about needles – “if you’re finding it impossible to thread a needle, flip it over; [..]

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If Only I Had Known Then…

Since I’ve been at this for a whopping two months now, I am fully qualified to pass along The Wisdom of the Ages in terms of quilting. These [..]

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Pre-Washing Fixes Stuff

As it turns out, pre-washing the cheap fabrics seems to have taken a lot of the “tacky” feel out of them. I noticed, as I was putting them [..]

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Pre-Washing Do's and Don'ts

Tip: Do pre-wash your fabrics in warm water and dry on medium to get any shrinkage out of the way before you cut. Don’t wash your husky mix’s [..]

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