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Thermodynamics, Evaporation & Kid Computer Science

Kids intuitively grasp a lot of advanced concepts. They don’t understand the science behind them, naturally, but they get the idea. Case in point: When I was four [..]

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Time Marches Unrelentingly On

On the drive to work, I pass a multitude of really cool barns, some of which are more than a century old. I love them, and I keep [..]

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But, it doesn't FEEL like a mid-life crisis…

I should have put this post about needing more fulfilment over here, but instead it ended up at Homestead Geek, so there it shall remain. A few afterthoughts [..]


My Grown-Up Girls

There are definitely two different girls laying now, though somewhat inconsistently. Some days we get two eggs, some days one, and on others there are none to be [..]


Two Years

Somehow, in the relative blink of an eye, two years exactly have passed since I met, tackled, captured and subdued Mike Neir, tricking him somehow into falling in [..]

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The Overwhelming Suffering of Others

If you have a little time, please take a moment to send healing thoughts to this family: Mama Pundit This family lost their young son today, after a [..]

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Homestead Post

In which I destroy a whole broiler chicken, and then sort of resurrect it the next day. Kind of. Homestead Geek


Planning the Garden

I just put up a post over at Homestead Geek regarding garden planning, for anyone interesting in such things. 🙂 Garden Planning “Having been through thirty-mumble transitions from [..]


And so, we become three

Blogs, that is. The crafty people aren’t necessarily interested in the photoblogging, and the photoblogging people aren’t necessarily into homesteading, so I’m diverging a bit. My favorite photos [..]



When Mike Neir had the grave misfortune of being tackled, trounced and dragged into my world, he inherited my two dogs along with me and my insanity.  We [..]