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Daddy, bed. Daddy, nap.

This, from Nora’s blog, made me giggle. “I fell asleep on the sofa and Nora decided I needed the bed, mattress, blanket, and tiny pillow from her dollhouse. [..]


Not Among My Finest Traits

Lest any of you be fooled into thinking I’ve got a fair to middling handle on, well, anything, I present to you three areas of my life that [..]


Why that's just silly, why would anyone ever need a….

Hm. “Needle wallet,” you say. Tell me more.


Snow Envy

Those of you who have received a foot or more of snow recently may be cursing it straight to hell, but I’m so jealous. I love inclement weather [..]


A Hitch in the Schedule

The awesome scheduling process doesn’t take into account a migraine on the day most stacked with chores. Here’s hoping it passes soonish. We have our company Christmas party [..]


Nora, one of the cutest kids ever

From Nora’s blog (which is maintained by her daddy:) I wake up! by clunis Nora slept in super late on Saturday morning: until nearly 10 past 7. She [..]


Two Quick Bits Before Work

1.) I have been betrayed by The Googles – Wendy sent me an email yesterday, noting Wolf Haven had been pinged about my frosting post automatically. I’ve barricaded [..]


A Hole A Mile Wide

Sometimes, writing things down is the only way for me to process things. Complicated emotions, unfinished plans, things that have me scrambling for my footing. Writing this down [..]

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Giveaway week is winding down…

I’m only up to the H’s on the third and final list, and my Google Reader overfloweth with about 1600 unread entries from all the wonderful people I’ve [..]


70's Giveaway Day

I was born in 1970, and my when my parents built our house in the middle of the cornfield in 1974, my mom did her very best to [..]

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