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Car Keys – The Eternal Search and.. wait, that’s going to be HOW MUCH?!

I mentioned the other day how The Engineir was out cleaning the garage so I could once again park inside. My half of the garage was occupied by [..]

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Seventy-Five Stitches is Too Many

At least, for 10″ needles that are 10.5 in size. Duly noted. My experiment last night was full of holes and whatnot, so I unwound it all and [..]

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Today's Moments

It was a beautiful day, so we dragged ourselves out of the house for a photo walk of Sleepy Hollow State Park. Here are a few moments from [..]


Sunday morning anti-stash report

There was very little stash activity this week, very little sewing going on at all, actually. However, yesterday, I spent basically the entire day yesterday in bed, hand-quilting [..]

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Moments, Part… This One

I haven’t been taking many photos this week – the weather (and subsequently, the light) has been crap. We made a rare stop for coffee earlier in the [..]


Saturday Moments

Once again, I am in love with the light coming in through the East window of my sewing room this morning. Also, some photos of the water features [..]


Friday Moments


Moments, Part Next


Moments, Part 3