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“But you’re with a guy now!”

At age eight, I consciously realized for the first time I liked girls the same way I liked boys. Nearly everyone who knows me knows this, so it [..]

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“Just Paint Over It”

The previous owners of our house seemed to have a very strong belief in the following philosophy: If you no longer like or need something, just paint over [..]

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 40…

Lately, I’ve been full of introspection – more so than usual. As I manage to do from time to time (as The World’s Worst Buddhist,) I’ve been paying [..]

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Dear Wild-Eyed Store Manager…

I’m going to pull a Letters to People I Hate moment here and rant about an incident I had a couple of hours ago. As I was sitting [..]

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Knitting in the Buh?

Ani just tried to show me how to Knit in the Round using four DPN’s (that’s knitting leet-speek for “double-pointed needles.”) She cast on her stitches in about [..]

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Unexpected Ingredients

Because I’m never content to simply Be Content, I was looking for other veggie lasagna recipes last night to make for Joe & Danielle. I knew I’d make [..]

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The Troubles Trauma

Having just gotten home after a few hours’ running about, I’m going to settle in for some serious Getting Stuff Done. First, however, I am compelled to share [..]


Progress & A Little Good News

Christmas is breathing down our necks, and I feel it stalking me with an intensity – so much to do in the next two weeks, holy smokes! Last [..]

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First Blood

Periodically, I see sewing blog posts regarding sewing injuries – typically, someone runs her finger under the machine needle (OW!) or stabs herself with a pin. Today, sewing [..]

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Getting to Know You

My sewing machine and I are having some… issues. We’re still learning each other’s quirks and needs. I wonder why, at random, the feed dogs* refuse to pull [..]

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