Homemade Sugar-Based Hair Removal “Wax”

In our last installment, I went on at some length about Leg Hair and how the stinkin’ heck to get rid of it.

I gave a short recipe for concocting a truly all-natural sugar “wax,” which went as follows:

3 Tablespoons sugar
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 Tablespoon water

As I went to mix that up and throw it on the stove, I realized, “Those amounts are ridiculous.” While a total of 7 tablespoons of  ingredients might work well for those waxing an upper lip, we’re talking legs here. Too, a lot of the liquid will boil away.

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“All-Natural” Depilation

Let me warn you ahead of time: There are pictures of my pasty-white, hairy legs ahead. Brace yourselves; it’s not pretty.

I’ll admit it, folks; I can’t carry off not shaving my legs.

I feel too self-conscious, too grody. To be honest, I wish I didn’t give a damn whether people noticed my dark brown leg hair blowing in the breeze in this early spring weather, but man… I do.
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Egg Signup Sheet

Ok, Southern Central Michiganders! It’s time to sign up and let me know if  you’re interested in purchasing eggs from our flock this summer.

Eggs from non-commercial hens are actually healthier – It’s true! They’re higher in nutrients, and lower in cholesterol, thanks to the hens a.) being fed healthier diets, b.) getting sunlight and exercise, and c.) being able to engage in natural behaviors, which lowers stress and allows their bodies to perform optimally.

These eggs come from spoiled, organically-fed, happy chickens, who are taller than I am!
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Mother Nature Does Not Fool Around

My little hens are now almost three and a half weeks old, and HOLY COW how they’ve grown. They look like miniature chickens!

When I first met them, they looked like this:

day-old chicks

Now? They’re nearly a third of their eventual full sizes!

three-week-old silver laced wyandotte pullet

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It’s Seed-Starting Time, Part 1

Spring has arrived really, really early here in central Michigan. Temperatures have consistently been in the 60’s and 70’s for a couple of weeks, which is just… crazy. Typically, we have good snows in March. Heck, last year at this time, it didn’t often get much above 30 degrees.  We’re easily a month ahead of schedule. I hope we don’t get a vicious cold snap, which will kill the emerging insects, buds, and flowers.

This is a chart of temperatures automatically measured and recorded outside our house:

temperature graph

Because we went from 25 degrees to 70 degrees in literally the span of a week, spring has caught me with my pants down, gardening-wise, and I spent the weekend frantically stuffing seeds into trays.
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We Have Our Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and for all the great uses you left in the comments! I wish I could give you all a jar of this stuff, man; it’s truly spectacular. But! I’ll be having another giveaway of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil next month, so watch this space!

If you can’t quite wait that long to try this fabulous stuff, you can always buy it online, too!

Without further ado, here is the winner out of 954 entries:
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Coconut Oil Review & A Giveaway!

Hi folks –

For the last, oh, long time, I’ve been horribly remiss in posting much of anything useful here, as I’ve been hyper-focused elsewhere. Today, that changes.

Because I appreciate each and every one of you, I’m giving away a 32-ounce jar of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil!

But first, let me tell you about how much I love Tropical Traditions coconut oil, and how I use it around The Unlikely Homestead (if you absolutely couldn’t care less, you can scroll down to the RaffleCopter widget and start entering.) There are also some terrific ideas in the comments from readers!
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Easy Azon

I’m playing around with a new Amazon affiliate plugin, Easy Azon. I’ll write an in-depth review a bit later, but for now this is an example page for a post at Homestead Host.

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B0009N7O9I” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/3144IsxzquL.jpg” width=”300″]

If you mouse over the image, a little pop-up appears.


The interface is easy to use, with a built-in search area in the post editing area (click to make of legible size:)

easy azon back end image

The Easy Azon plugin offers a wide variety of text, image, info block and call-to-action links. It’s awesome.

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Green Polka Dot Box

My friend Adrienne of Whole New Mom fame just showed me this site – it is wonderful!

Once I get to know it better, I’ll write more about it. For now, I am in love with their design, their philosophies, and the products look fantastic. Adrienne really recommends them, too.

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Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp

Homestead Host is having an intensive 5-day boot camp on how to monetize a personal blog or website.

It’s got a lot of dense but useful information.

And I should really follow some of that advice, man – this site is looking raggedy and awful in terms of ads.