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Knitting Bag

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was going to need a bag for all this knitting paraphernalia I’ve slowly acquired; throwing it all into the [..]

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I remember with great clarity the day I met Lisa Matt. My family lived in a house surrounded by my Grandfather’s land and had no neighbors to speak [..]

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Post-Christmas Show & Tell

Image-heavy post ahead! When we arrived home tonight, I checked the mailbox to see if my much-anticipated shampoo bar had arrived in the mail. Alas, it had not. [..]

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Yup – this bag is definitely above my pay grade. I’m not quite sure it would be worth the trouble, even if I did it perfectly. I like [..]

Bird Watcher Messenger Bag

Today’s project, if I have the time, will be this: Until the aches from yesterday and the sinus pain from overnight go away, I’m going to get started [..]


Green Apple Fabric Bag

I had the day off today, and instead of spending it sewing, I got caught up in another Pioneer Woman fantasy and ran around doing other ridiculously domestic [..]


Migraine Therapy

Yesterday, I swore off sewing for A Very Long Time, Or At Least for the Rest of the Weekend. Today, I got slammed with another killer sinus migraine, [..]

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