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Things One Doesn’t Wish to See in the Chick Coop

Blood. Particularly, blood in feces. As I was hanging out with the chicks last night, I noticed several piles of poo which had trace amounts of bright red [..]

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Calling Chicken Whisperers

Howdy, knowledgeable chicken folks! Lately, I’ve been seeing a behavior from Harry (the largest chick, a beautiful Buff Orpington, who is most interested in dominance.) While she most [..]

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Egg Signup Sheet

Ok, Southern Central Michiganders! It’s time to sign up and let me know if ¬†you’re interested in purchasing eggs from our flock this summer. Eggs from non-commercial hens [..]

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Mother Nature Does Not Fool Around

My little hens are now almost three and a half weeks old, and HOLY COW how they’ve grown. They look like miniature chickens! When I first met them, [..]

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11 Baby Chicks = Cute Overload + 1

When I called our hatchery today to confirm it was ok to drive the 102 miles to fetch our new little friends, they said “come on up!” Also, [..]

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Prepping for Live Nude Chick(en) Cam!

Update: Live video stream and multiple-angle stills are up! Tomorrow’ a big day here at The Unlikely Homestead – I’m going to head out to Zeeland, and pick [..]

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*Now* it feels like spring, man.

Given the brutality of this recent winter in Michigan, I have been afraid to give in to the “ah, it’s finally spring” feeling that’s been poking its head [..]

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Optimistic Friday

It’s a beautiful day out. I don’t want to talk about how Chickenhead was also killed night before last, or how The Engineir very thoughtfully tried to protect [..]

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And then, there were four

This morning, I hauled out a fifty-pound bag of scratch grain to the chickens. As I was getting it awkwardly dumped into its bin, four of the girls [..]

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The Modern Homestead – Automation

Part of coming to terms with modern society v. Simplicity is making the best use of available tools. Fortunately, I have this amazing boyfriend who is a hard-core [..]

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