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Impatient Betty

Yes, I’m back to staring at the “Hello Betty” coin stacks, trying to determine if I want to chunk them up into smaller stacks with white sashing in [..]

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Design Wall Monday

When I took a photo of my design wall Saturday night, this what what I planned to post: I got frak-all accomplished this week, thanks to the headache. [..]


Design Wall Monday

I’m back to contemplating the Hello Betty coin stack, which needs to be sashed and sandwiched. I had originally planned to sash it in white and back it [..]

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Tetris Elemental

“It seems like a clown exploded into squares on your wall or you summoned a Tetris Elemental.” Truer words have never been spoken than those by one of [..]

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An Eternal Dispute

“Look, I’m making a random pattern!” “No, you’re not. You’re being deliberately random, not completely random. There’s a difference.” “It’s random… I mean, I made sure no two [..]

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That is how many 4.5″ x 7.5″ pieces can be cut from a fat quarter bundle, leaving assorted strips and small scraps. It took me four and a [..]

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Design Wall Monday

Note: My work week now begins on Sundays, and I haven’t quite adjusted to it yet. When I wrote this late last night (Saturday night,) I was fully [..]

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My Design Wall Has … A Design On It!

I mean, ok – as much as a bunch of 9-patch blocks can constitute a “design.” With a few sashing strips:

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Variety in Fabrics

Somewhere, I read a line something quite like the following: “Be sure you have plenty of solid fabrics in your stash – if all you have is a [..]

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Design Wall

Many quilters use a “design wall” to lay out their patterns. This allows a person to better see what the overall effect will be, as looking at something [..]

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