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Out, damned clutter! Out, I say!

While I suspect Lady Macbeth’s demons were a touch more serious than mine, I’ve lately come to realize how much the clutter in our house has paralyzed and [..]

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This word appears more and more frequently across the hundreds of blogs of which I try to keep abreast. There seems to be quite a groundswelling of people [..]

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Not Among My Finest Traits

Lest any of you be fooled into thinking I’ve got a fair to middling handle on, well, anything, I present to you three areas of my life that [..]


Why that's just silly, why would anyone ever need a….

Hm. “Needle wallet,” you say. Tell me more.


This "Organization" Thing – It's Not Bad.

After searching for a time management system that was Just Right, I settled for Google Calendar. It’s not ideal, but it’s free and it’s accessible from anywhere I [..]


"Show Us Your Stash"

Judy from Patchwork Times asked to see her readers’ stashes. Oh my. Some of these folks are amazingly organized with vast libraries of fabric. Take, for example, her [..]

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