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On the “To Do” List… Community Gardening

I have this list, as so many of us do, of Things I Really Need to Do. On that list, nestled in amongst things like “set up durable [..]

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An Invasion of the Right Sort

Yesterday, Benny posted this on Twitter and Facebook after seeing the state of the garden: “So, this may sound a little odd but… I kinda want to go [..]

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Great Expectations

The ways our brains associate random tidbits of data always astounds and amazes me. As I was getting out of the shower last night, I remembered with perfect [..]



I remember with great clarity the day I met Lisa Matt. My family lived in a house surrounded by my Grandfather’s land and had no neighbors to speak [..]

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Daddy, bed. Daddy, nap.

This, from Nora’s blog, made me giggle. “I fell asleep on the sofa and Nora decided I needed the bed, mattress, blanket, and tiny pillow from her dollhouse. [..]


A Hole A Mile Wide

Sometimes, writing things down is the only way for me to process things. Complicated emotions, unfinished plans, things that have me scrambling for my footing. Writing this down [..]

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The Joys of Quilting…

Don, a friend who took up quilting right around the same time I did, sent me a message I could truly appreciate just a short while ago. He [..]

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Don, The Genius

My friend Don, a retired Chemistry teacher, recently (and I mean recently, like, “after I did”) took up quilting. Last night, he sent me a photo of his [..]

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