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Woman, Get On My Horse!

The Mid-Life Crisis, Part Next (Wherein we speculate) [EDIT: I have just sent in my application to MSU. Oh dear.] At various points in my life, I have [..]

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How It All Came to Pass – My Unhappy Accidental Life in IT

When I need to work things through in my head, I write them down. Writing helps me refine things, get them into quasi-logical order. Getting intangible thoughts put [..]

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The Power of Reinforcement

Folks, I have to thank everyone who sent me comments, emails and Facebook messages in response to my last post. Truly, I am honored and grateful for every [..]

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Autumnal Musings & Yearnings

I am conflicted. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has known me for, oh, three or four minutes. We’re going to ramble along together here, from [..]

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