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Done and Done

The chocolate kisses quilt has just come out of the dryer, and it’s struck me I didn’t measure it before washing – I want to know how much [..]

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I really wanted to finish the pink quilt (which I’ve unimaginatively dubbed, “chocolate kisses,”) tonight. So much so, I stood in line at the fabric counter at Joann [..]

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Towels – A New Approach

I should be in bed – my muscles feel like they’re full of sand, my head is all thick and I generally feel like the flu is trying [..]

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Sleepy, Achey, Accomplished

I never, in 100 years, ever would have guessed I’d be spending hours hunched over a sewing machine, completely engrossed in what I’m doing. Never ever. But I [..]

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First Blocks

Yesterday, I decided to quit pussyfooting around this quilting thing and Just Doo Eet. I’d been debating potholders and placemats and maybe just some fricking napkins to get [..]

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There are a variety of quilting blogs and newsletters out there, which I haven’t linked yet because I haven’t finished figuring out which ones are good and which [..]

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