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Take That, Cursed Bathroom

My bathroom and I have a love-hate relationship. While it is a place of sanctuary and rest (rather more so now than it was when we bought the [..]

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Home Improvement, Part Next

Folks, just in case you’re not quite paying attention – autumn is upon us. I’ve been harvesting winter squash, the leaves are juuuust beginning to think about changing, [..]

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Done by Sunday Night

Ah, the feeling of a (mostly) completed task – I should really better acquaint myself with it. Give me a few days and a fever of 102, and [..]

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Mm, Sweet Molasses

That’s the name of the color – “Sweet Molasses.” I am in love with this color. As Mike was helping me put up the ceiling tape, he remarked [..]

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Fever-Induced Home Renovation

Mike Neir may have come home tonight to a bathroom that is a slightly different color than when he last saw it. So, y’know how when you have [..]

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