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What's on your design wall?

Judy from Patchwork Times has us posting our work environments again today, asking what we’ve got on our design wall. My “design wall” is an old sheet nailed [..]

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"Show Us Your Stash"

Judy from Patchwork Times asked to see her readers’ stashes. Oh my. Some of these folks are amazingly organized with vast libraries of fabric. Take, for example, her [..]

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Design Wall

Many quilters use a “design wall” to lay out their patterns. This allows a person to better see what the overall effect will be, as looking at something [..]

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The Disease Spreads, in More Ways Than One

There are two of us Erins at work, and neither of us is your typical girly-girl. She just bought a sewing machine, too. This is completely awesome news [..]

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