The Engineir

“Why do you always spell “engineer” incorrectly?”

I often refer to my husband by both first and last name – “Hi Mike Neir!” “Oh, Mike Neir…” This is a habit I developed while we worked together a few years ago, and never quite tried to break. It’s a thing.

However, writing “Mike Neir” in all of my posts sounds pretty odd, and it seems many female bloggers out there usually have some kind of moniker for their hubbies. Mike Neir is indeed an engineer, and it one day occurred to me “engineer” could be personalized to “engineir:” Ha, ha, ha! Get it? Haw!

Thus, my adorable loving husband became The Engineir, as far as the blog goes.

Breaking news! The Engineir now has his own active, up-to-date website! \o/

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4 responses to The Engineir

  1. Kathy Manning

    Sharon turned me on to your site today and I am quite impressed, especially with your Engineir!

  2. Erin D.

    Hi Kathy – Thanks very much for the kind words! 🙂 I’m pretty impressed with my Engineir, too!

  3. That’s a riot. Now I need a moniker for my husband. Maybe the Urban Prof. Maybe not.

  4. Erin D.

    I think The Urban Prof is pretty stinking good! 😀

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